Wind Turbine Like a Hummingbird Wings

A new wind turbine, designed by a Tyer Wind company features dual oscillating blades that mimic the figure-8 motion of the wings of a hovering hummingbird. This compact design make it a a potential fit for residential use. Constructed of carbon fiber, the two vertical axis wings are 1.6 meters in length for a total sweep area of 3.56 meters and the turbine’s rated power output of 1 kW is also less.

The turbine gives off less noise pollution compared to conventional wind turbines, be safer for migrating birds, less visually obtrusive, and allow for a higher density of turbines in a wind farm configuration. It is still in the testing phase, gathering data on power efficiency, aerodynamic behavior, material resistance and stress over the mast. It is still unknown of other performance specs, price and release date. The company has plans for a large-scale version of the turbine, for use in wind farms. Have a look at the promo video below and see it in action.

Source: Tyer Wind

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