What Happens When A File Is Deleted? Check This Out

Do you know what happens when a file is deleted? If not, please read this post carefully and we can help you get back deleted files.

What Really Happens When A File Is Deleted

It’s a natural response to undesired file loss issue: the question – can we recover deleted files – will arise in users’ mind. To figure out this question, users need to know the real deletion process of a file. What happens when a file is deleted?

It is no exaggeration to say that everyone will inevitably be stuck in the annoying file loss problem caused by mistaken operation. When it comes to data recovery, data structure of hard disk, file storage principle and even operating system boot process are all related. These are basic knowledge users must know. Even if they’re not planning to restore deleted files from computer or carry out pen drive deleted data recovery, they’ll be benefited from knowing the basic file deletion knowledge.

Structure of Hard Disk

To understand the file deletion process, you have to know the structure of hard disk first.

A hard disk is made up of a group of Aluminum or glass platters, attached with magnetic coating layer. Hard disk can read and write data by its rotation and head moving. The well-known IBM disk platter was made of glass in early times. The outermost circle on platter is called as “0” track. Important information, including hard disk specification, model, master boot record and directory structure, is recorded on “0” track. When reading a file, hard disk will search from “0” track for the initial sector of that file.

What Happens on Hard Disk When You Delete a File

When users delete a file, the hard disk will mark the related information on “0” track with a special tag so as to tell operating system that this file is not accessible and can’t be used for storing new data from now on. That’s why we can’t see it after deletion.

Nevertheless, the real content of deleted file remains in computer (it just can’t be seen). Only the space originally occupied by this file is shown as released in the system. And the content will not disappear until it is overwritten by new data. That well explains why we’re able to finish deleted files recovery by certain means.

How to Restore Deleted Files Easily

Preparations for deleted files recovery: choose a tool that is most suitable for you. Then, acquire and run the setup program to get started. “MiniTool Power Data Recovery” is one of the possible good alternatives (they have a free edition as well), and so here’s an example of how to use the recovery function from this suite:

Recovery process:

  • Choose “Undelete Recovery” from the main window when the drive containing deleted files works normally. Or choose “Damaged Partition Recovery” instead when the target drive is damaged and you want to recover deleted files from it.
  • Select the correct drive from the list and then press corresponding button to detect lost files (press “Scan” in “Undelete Recovery” or press “Full Scan” in “Damaged Partition Recovery”).
  • Browse the found files and folders one by one carefully in order to pick out which ones you want to recover and which ones are not needed. Then, press “Save” button to choose a storage location for the selected files. Press “OK” button to confirm your selection and wait for the completion of the recovery.

Now, you must know clearly about what happens when a file is deleted and how to restore the deleted files when necessary.

Written by Anna Lan

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