The beginning of the end of the V12 in Aston Martin? DB11 now comes with a V8 as an option

Supercars and exotic sports cars are meant to have big engines – it is such a big part of their character. However, technologies are moving forward and large power plants under carefully sculpted bonnets are not really necessary anymore. Especially having in mind how laws and regulations on emissions are closing in. Now even Aston Martin DB11 is offered with a V8, but is it a good choice?

DB11 is a handsome GT car, but a V12 has always been part of its character. Image credit: Aston Martin

DB11 is a large GT car, meant to look good and to cross continents with ease. It is sporty and luxurious as you might imagine. And a V12 engines has been a big part of DB series character that it is kind of difficult to imagine this car without it. A normal DB11 has a twin-turbocharged 5.2 litre V12, but now you can spec yours with a 4.0-litre twin-turbocharged V8 engine instead. Why?

Well, regulations are getting strict – there is no question about it. In some places cars are being taxed according to their engine size. For example, in China, which is a very important growing market, a bigger engine pays more. But also a large V12 is simply not necessary to deliver power and performance – turbocharged engines can do it with lesser capacity. DB11 with a V8 engine is not going to be short on power.

This engine delivers 503bhp and 675Nm of torque –enough to accelerate to a 100 kph in just 4 seconds and on to a top speed of 301 kph. But what about car’s character and spirit? Well, V12 was dripping with passion, but V8 DB11 is going to be unique in its own way. It is lighter on its feet, a little more economical and eco-friendly,

Engine was not the only part that had to be swapped in the transition. Air intake, exhaust system and wet sump had to be added, and ECU adjustments had to be made. V8 is allows the car to be 115 kg lighter (still not very light at 1760kg) and have a lower centre of gravity. It all translates to a more agile and sporty-feeling drive. Of course, V8 has some subtle design differences too.

V8 model has a little bit different alloy wheal finish. Image credit: Aston Martin

While interior choices and basic colour schemes are the same, DB11 with a V8 engine features unique alloy wheel finish, dark headlamp bezels and a pair of bonnet vents instead of four seen on the V12 model. Aston Martin President and CEO, Dr Andy Palmer said: “with this new V8 engine option we have broadened its appeal by offering a car that will bring the DB11 to more customers around the world while still blessed with the exceptional performance and memorable character that sets Aston Martin apart from its rivals”.

And that is probably the bottom line of it – Aston Martin DB11 with a V8 engine is a more affordable legendary GT car. We just hope it sounds as good as the V12 does and will not completely push out the bigger engine out of Aston Martin’s factory.


Source: Aston Martin

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