Take A Phone Call With Bone Conduction Ring

Orii introduced a wearable bone conduction ring, that allows you to take a phone call by sticking your finger into the ear. This works thanks to bone conduction technology that sends vibrations through your hand to directly stimulate the little ear bones responsible for hearing. The ring also functions like a smartwatch, paired with a smartphone via Bluetooth, shows notifications and allows to take calls without your smartphone. When a call is coming, the ring will vibrate and flash an LED, to answer it, place your finger to your ear.

Bone conduction technology brings very clear sound quality to the caller, and microphones with a noise-canceling functionality make sure the person on the other end can hear you clearly. You can also send a voice commands through it either Siri or Google Assistant. With the accompanied app, users can decide which alerts they receive through the ring, and set a specific color of LED to each application or contact.

Orii is successfully funded on the Kickstarter, you can check it in action in the campaign video below.

Source: Orii

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