Sunglasses with a Docking Camera

The concepts of sunglasses with built-in video camera is clever, you can record videos from your point of view, keeping your hands free the whole time. Most people don’t want to be recorded without their permission. Omni Wearables engineered a FaceShot glasses with a camera that flips forward when in use, making it obvious that a recording is taking place.

When you want to record, you just flip it forward, it automatically powers up and starts recording at a 1080p/30fps saving footage to an onboard microSD card. One USB charge of the built-in battery lasts 1.5 hours of recording. The camera can also be angled up or down 15 degree and features a microphone for recording sound, and the glasses themselves do block 99 to 100 percent of UV-A and UV-B rays. You can see a promo video for a crowdfunding project below.

Sources: Omni Wearables

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