Smartwatch Powered Only by Body Heat

The Matrix PowerWatch is a smartwatch that uses thermoelectric technology and power-sipping components to power itself by user’s body heat. This exercise-tracking smartwatch allows you you to have one less charger in your life. The human body generates  thermoelectric energy to power a light bulb when at rest, and roughly 1 kilowatt during exercise.

The watch shows how much power the user has generated along with fitness trackers like calories burned, steps and etc. It is also water resistant to 50 meters and there are upcoming apps to transfer data to an Android or iOS device and then on to the cloud. When the watch is removed it powers down into sleep mode. It features Ambiq Apollo chipset, which is designed to be ultra-low power with presence of a Bluetooth 4.0.

An Indiegogo campaign for the wearable has very quickly raised a $100,000 goal with two months remaining. The promotional video is below.

Source: Indiegogo