Nissan made sure air is not going to be an enemy for the next generation of Leaf

New generation of Nissan Leaf is going to debut on 6th of September this year. So it is a little bit more than a month till we see how the successor of the most popular electric car in the world will look like. It life in the market is not going to be easy, but Nissan is teasing people with little details about its design. Now company promised it is going to be extremely sleek. Literally.

The new Leaf is going to be sleeker than ever, but will it look good? Image credit: Nissan

Aerodynamics are extremely important for all cars. Air flow can increase stability of sports cars, it can give them significantly more traction, allow them to reach higher top speeds, or, on the other side of the spectrum, aerodynamics can help saving some fuel. Or electric juice in this case. Aerodynamic design is something all eco-cars have to seek for, because it can make a huge difference. The more aerodynamic the car is, the further it can go on a single charge. It is like having some fuel for free.

If done right, aerodynamic design does not have to look clinical. In fact, sleep appearance is very appealing when it is well-proportioned and designed with something called passion. Current generation of Leaf is not an ugly car, but it is not very pretty either. We can be sure that the new Leaf is going to look much different, but we still cannot say for sure that it will look better.

The most aerodynamic shape is basically a drop of water. In fact, that is why drop is shaped this way – air forms it as it is falling down. While you can’t make a car shaped like a water drop, Nissan tried reducing lift, making the new Leaf more stable. It is lower to the ground, which helps reaching zero-lift, which, among other things, provides Leaf with better stability at highway speeds. Engineers also managed to tweak cars shape in such a way, that crosswinds are not hazardous either. Car remains planted even when winds are blasting its side, which makes it safer and more comfortable to drive.

Nissan’s engineers looked at a cross section of an airplane wing to find inspiration for an extremely sleek aerodynamic shape. This resulted in a vehicle, which can travel further on a single charge, but it also carries other benefits, such as reduced wind noise, which is very important in electric car. Because powertrain is making virtually no noise at all, passengers are forced to listen to other noises, such as tire roar or wind rushing against side mirrors.

“It’s amazing when nothing holds you back”, says Nissan. While air is not going to stop the next-generation Leaf, competition might. We have to wait and see what Nissan has prepared to go against such names as Tesla, Opel and many more.


Source: Nissan

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