Most Powerful Wind Turbine

Danish company introduced a huge V164 offshore wind turbine that produced almost 216,000 kWh over a 24-hour period during its testing in December. A 9 MW prototype is an improved version of the previous model that was developed in 2012. This turbine features a 220 m height, with 38-ton blades that are 80 m in length for a total sweep area of 21,124 square meters.

The larger the size, the greater the efficiency tends to be, meaning a reduction in installation and maintenance costs per kilowatts produced. The V164 is designed to be 80 percent of the turbine is able to be recycled at the end of its 25-year operational life. It is also designed to withstand harsh sea conditions for optimal wind speeds of 12-25 m/s, with a minimum speed of 4m/s.

Such wind turbine innovations helps to lower the energy cost, the unit cost of electricity produced over a turbine’s life.

Source: MHI Vestas Offshore Wind

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