Minimalist Turntable Looks Like a Wheel

The company Miniot in the Netherlands launched the turntable, called Wheel which have tonearm and phono cartridge hidden within the platter. The traditional turntable format calls for a tonearm and phono cartridge to be positioned at one corner of the plinth, the Wheel doesn’t have any corners and music plays the underside of a vinyl instead of the upper side.

Wheel’s tonearm is made from a single piece of machined mahogany laminate, ending in a modified cartridge. The cartridge and tonearm is with an IR sensor for tracking that have been tweaked for minimum damping, optimal resonance and weight distribution. This vinyl record is placed on the aluminum alloy platter topped by a rubber mat, which is spun at 33.3 rpm by an electronically-controlled belt drive system. The Wheel’s functionality is controlled using the 23.5 mm high spindle. This center stick turns the unit on and off, starts playback and activates a pause and also engages forward or back track skip. Twisting the stick also raises or lowers output volume.

Under the wooden plinth are the left/right RCA output ports for connecting the turntable to a living room hi-fi system, a ground terminal, an amped headphone jack and a switch to choose between phono or preamp line signals. The Wheel turntable can be used horizontally – placed on a table or hi-fi cabinet. To see it in action watch promo video below.

Sources: Kickstarter

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