McLaren Automotive expanded its collectible model range

British supercar manufacturer McLaren is preparing its stocks for coming holiday season. At first there was a toy P1, now – ant entire collection of collectible McLaren model cars. It is a good present for pretty much every petrolhead on earth, as you can get, for example, an incredibly detailed 675LT for a fraction of the price of the real one and yet it will still come with approval of McLaren Automotive.

Some of the detail is hand-painted to provide the quality one would expect from McLaren. Image credit:

Some of the detail is hand-painted to provide the quality one would expect from McLaren. Image credit:

Company is jokingly proud of weight reduction of the new car. Model cars are scaled 1:18 or 1:43, later ones weigh just around 120 grams. What cars can you get? If you do not want the 675LT, you can go for a 570GT (or 570S Coupé), MP4-12C GT3 or even for the legendary 1993 McLaren F1 XP-5. The chosen models are said to be a perfect reflection of the brand’s history and to prove the high quality standards of McLaren all of them are made with incredible attention to detail.

First of all, these models are perfectly scaled, so the proportions of little cars closely resemble one of their brig counterparts. One of the latest cars to join this collection is 570S Coupé Vermillion Red. This model specifically is very special, because only 50 of them are going to be made. It has two-tone red leather and dark grey alcantara seats, gloss black wheels with red callipers and extremely accurately placed McLaren badges. Remember sills and vents that are in carbon fibre in real car? Here they are hand painted to provide even greater amount of detail. For those, who would rather get one of the historic models, there is a dark green F1 – all minute details, such as seat belt, the steering wheel and its controls, are recreated perfectly. You can see three seat configuration, gold in the engine bay and other details that made F1 so special.

Interestingly, these models are manufactured by two different companies to ensure stable production and maximum quality. Some models are made as die cast or resin construction. High detail is ensured by McLaren Automotive itself, which provided manufacturers with CAD drawings. Result is spectacular, especially at this time, when you should start thinking about Christmas presents.

Of course, these high-quality model cars are not cheap, prices starting from £55 or €61. However, the promise of the quality is there and these models are a thousand times better then ones found in a local supermarket.

Source: McLaren