Electronic Paper Displays with 400ppi And 600ppi Pixel Density

Nearly 30 times information on a Panel allows to display realistic and high-quality images.

A decade ago the resolution of the electronic reader’s display has improved from 167 pixels per inch (ppi) to the 300 ppi. Japan Display Inc. has developed an e-reader with 600 ppi display, what it calls the highest resolution e-paper. JDI was formed in 2012 and specializes in the development of small and medium-sized displays for suitably sized devices. The company joined up with Taiwanese company E Ink last year and got to develop its technology for e-paper displays. As a result there are two sharp-looking products, e-paper that uses a LTPS (low temperature poly-silicon) backplane to achieve resolutions of 400 and 600 ppi.

This puts it out in front of modern smartphones and is handy for Internet of Things device development.

Source: JDI

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