Electronic Multi-card

Tech startup BrillianT introduced Fuze an electronic multi-card that can store the digital information of up to 30 other electronic cards on its integrated encrypted chip. Users initially get that information on there utilizing an included card reader, which they use with an app on their Bluetooth-paired smartphone. They toggle through the stored cards by pressing Forward and Backward buttons on the card’s surface. A small e-Paper screen indicates which card is selected and using the Fuze just like a regular card, at any business supporting magnetic strip, EMV, NFC, and barcode cards. The card will only work if their smartphone is within Bluetooth range, or if a PIN code is entered directly on the card itself.

Using the app, users can add and delete stored cards as needed (do it remotely if the Fuze is lost), track the location of the card, plus the app will notify them if they go out without the Fuze.

The card itself is 0.8 mm thick, and reportedly runs for 30 days per charge of its lithium-polymer battery. Fuze Card is currently the subject of successfully funded Indiegogo campaign. There’s more information in the following video.

Source: Indiegogo

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