Electric Skateboard Hits Over 50km/h Speed

California-based Carvon company designed an electric skateboard that could reach 50km/h speed. The company launched a Kickstarter campaign and got funded its high-performance e-board called Revo 4WD.

It uses the new V3 dual motors up front and the X drive in back for a total output of 3,000 watts. The V3 has a pair of motors on a single truck, powering both wheels independently. The new motor layout eliminates the need to thin out the wheels to accommodate an inset motor, allowing for thicker urethane wheels that smoothen out the ride and cut stress on the motors.

The 4WD set-up offers a combination of smooth start-up acceleration and capable hill climbing. It provides the 56 km/h top speed. Revo 4WD wears removable wheels, which can be rotated or swapped. The board comes with both 97-mm urethane wheels and 7-in pneumatic tired wheels for a combination of on and off-road riding. An estimated weight is around 10 kg.

The company has developed a wearable controller that straps to the back of the hand and operates with a simple thumb operation. This design allow riders to wear slide pucks – protective palm armor for throwing a hand down onto pavement during a slide.

Source: Kickstarter


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