Electric-powered Hydrofoil Surfboard

Lift Foils introduced an eFoil – an elelectric-powered hydrofoil surf-board. The power of this board is controlled by a wireless hand controller via Bluetooth connectivity. The top speed is 22 knots, that is about 41 km/h.

On the market it will be available two models:

  • standard, that is more stable and bigger,
  • and sport model, that is smaller more nimble and turns quicker.

The battery is two kilowatt hours 2kWh, a stand-alone unit with an integrated carrying handle and easily swapped, with a second battery, that can be recharged via a normal home power outlet and the 1,200 watt charger that comes with each board. Recharge takes around two and a half hours. Inside the board is a big waterproof compartment that houses the battery and other electrics. You can see more of the eFoil in the mini documentary video below.

Source: Lift Foils


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