Drone That Can Fly For Up To 10 Hours

H3 Dynamics unveils HYWINGS, a hand-launchable Unmanned Aerial Vehicle capable of 10 hour flight durations without refuelling. It’s fuel cell is powered by either a hydrogen chemical cartridge or a cylinder of compressed hydrogen gas.

The carbon fiber-framed drone weighs 7 kg and can maintain speed of 55 km/h, allowing a range of over 500 km. It can withstand winds of up to 30 km/h and can be remotely controlled via a telemetry system up to a distance of 290 km.

It features three sensor payloads: a 1080p/60fps HD video camera, a FLIR thermal imaging camera, and a Micasense Sequoia multispectral camera for imaging agricultural fields. There is no information when or if a production version may be available. It can be seen in action below.

Source: H3 Dynamics