Can You Pedal Between Floors?

Futuristic style to get around buildings is ThyssenKrupp’s Wonkavator-style elevator.  Elena Larriba who’s a postgraduate studying at London’s Royal College of Art, unveiled a novel alternative to climbing stairs and using elevators – it’s called Vycle, and it would let you pedal your way between floors. She produced a working prototype, that is balanced with counterweights taking a lot of the effort out of moving upwards. The gearing ratio is set to 10 percent which means that a person that weighs 70 kg only needs to push 7 kg.

It’s not going to replace stairs or elevators, it can be potential useful useful for climbing up temporary structures like cranes and scaffolding. Vycle is an alternative to long ladders often used in temporary works. The prototype can be seen in use, in the following video.

Source: Vycle

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