Bone Conducting Headphones

The Conduit Sports introduced headphones that offer users listen to music and hear what’s going on around at the same time. Their bone conduction technology allows users to hear what’s going on around them, there is a big advantage for runners and cyclists. Music is sent straight to the inner ear as vibrations and a high quality music lovers will be less satisfied. But the integrated earbuds cater gives a more isolated approach to enjoy the high quality listening experience.

In bone conduction mode, the earphones can be stowed away in neck band plugs and held in place with magnets while the frame is hooked over the ears. Switching to in-ear mode is simply unplug the buds popping them in the ears. The tuned earbuds have 7.8 mm dynamic drivers for a supported frequency range of 10 Hz to 20 kHz. The setup also offers a bone conduction and earbud listening combination. The user needn’t worry about having to change between modes as the headphones will detect how they’re being used and switch the output automatically.

They connect wirelessly with a music source over Bluetooth, and have a multifunction control to skip tracks, pause and play, or answer calls using the integrated noise-canceling microphones. The built-in battery is good for 6 hours per charge. To see it in action watch a video bellow.

Sources: Conduit Sports

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