Aston Martin Vanquish Zagato family just got a Shooting Brake and a Speedster

Aston Martin and Italian coachbuilding company Zagato have a long history together. Some of the best cars in Aston Martin’s history have been born out of this partnership. Now the British automaker introduced two models to complete Vanquish Zagato line-up – a Shooting Brake and a Speedster. Those will join existing Volante and Coupe.

The Vanquish Zagato is now complete – only a total of 325 cars are going to be made. Image credit: Aston Martin

So let’s begin from the Volante and Coupe. Zagato took a normal Aston Martin Vanquish and worked its magic to create a convertible Volante and a Coupe. Both of them differ substantially from the standard cars as they have pronounces lines on the sides of the cars. They also look completely different from the back. Coupe especially has a sweeping roofline, merging nicely with the very rear of the car. However, Aston Martin and Zagato decided to go just a little bit further away from the Vanquish and so a Shooting Brake and Speedster models were introduced.

The Speedster looks amazing from the front… Image credit: Aston Martin

Shooting Brake is essentially an estate version of the Vanquish Zagato Coupe. Its roofline is a bit more horizontal, which provides a little bit more space inside. It is still la strict two-seater, but it has more luggage space. However, obviously, Shooting Brake was created for style reasons, not practicality. The roof bears the iconic Zagato ‘double-bubble’ surfacing complete with glass inlays to let light flood into the cockpit.

…and even better from the rear. Image credit: Aston Martin

Meanwhile the Speedster has no roof at all – that is what differentiates it from the convertible Volante. Speedster is lighter and is made to look like a historic racing car. It is exquisite and it shows in the numbers. While there will be 99 of Volante, Shooting Brake and Coupe models, only 28 Speedsters will be made. Obviously, they will be extremely expensive and, obviously, all of them are already sold. Marek Reichman, Aston Martin Chief Creative Officer, said: “We haven’t released Zagato models as a family before, at least not in this way, but the idea is not without precedent. Think back to the DB7 Zagato and DB AR1, or the V8 Zagato Coupe and Volante, for example. We’ve simply taken things a few steps further”.

Shooting Brake is bigger on the inside, but it is still a strict two-seater. Image credit: Aston Martin

Vanquish Zagato family is powered by 600PS naturally-aspirated V12 mated to the smooth, slick-shifting Touchtronic III transmission. Suspension with an adaptive damping technology is fitted to each model individually, to account for different weight distribution. All in all, Vanquish Zagatos look like something out of the dreams of automotive enthusiasts, but not many people are going to be fortunate enough to enjoy them.

Interestingly, they are not much different dynamically than a normal Vanquish S. Their design is different both inside and out, but essentially it is still an Aston Martin Vanquish S. And you can still buy those – not going to be cheap either, but much easier to get than one out of 325 Zagatos.


Source: Aston Martin

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