4-legged Table That Never Rocks

A three-legged table will always sit flat, but they are unstable and easy to knock over. A four-legged table have stable base, but if the ground is not perfectly flat beneath it, it’s going to rock back and forth between two triangles, spilling your coffee for instance. Off-course you can put something under the high leg, but it’s not a real solution. Chris Heyring built the No-Rock table – a four-legged table that’s designed to sit perfectly stable on all four legs, whether the floor is even or not.

The secret is simple,it’s all in the shape of the table feet, which are designed to fit loosely together when there’s no load on them. When the table is placed down, the feet lean on each other to create a stable base in which each leg can settle at the height of the floor beneath it. No-Rock is already rolling the system out in Europe, Australia and North America. To see it in action, watch a video below.

Source: No-Rock

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