360-degree Video Recording Eyewear

360-degree cameras are getting smaller and more portable. Orbi Prime is a stylish sunglasses with four embedded HD cameras that can capture up to 90 minutes of 360-degree video, leaving the wearer’s hands free for biking, paddling or climbing.

The specs feature two 1080p cameras on the front, and two more on the tip of each arm, facing backwards and outwards. All together, they can capture 4K video at 30 fps for up to 90 minutes, stabilized in real-time. Cameras are powered from a pair of 1,000-mAh batteries, rechargeable via micro USB. The gadget features a 128 GB of integrated storage space. It connects to smartphones over Wi-Fi, with accompanied app, that allows users to watch, edit and share their videos.

The glasses are water-resistant, with a detachable safety strap to keep them firmly on your head, and the lenses are polarized and adaptive. At the moment this project is funded at  Indiegogo crowdfunding campaign. If all goes to plan, the glasses should ship in August 2017. Check out the campaign video below.

Source: Indiegogo